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Pomeroy profile: Scott L Pomeroy

Hi everyone,

Just once in a while I come across a story that is truly amazing, and the story of Scott Pomeroy and Mimi Pomroy Starr is one of these. Quite how often PFA members meet — there are only 200 of us worldwide after all! — I do not know, but this is one encounter I’m thankful has a happy ending.

Best wishes to everyone over the Christmas season!


Downloadable files:

Profile of Scott L Pomeroy (US Ltr)

Profile of Scott L Pomeroy (A4)

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Andrea C Pomeroy, Canadian ornithologist

Andrea C Pomeroy is a Canadian ornithologist & wildlife ecologist. She recently completed her Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia (B.C.) with a detailed study of the migration behaviour of the western sandpiper Calidris mauri, a wading bird of the eastern Pacific.

PDF: Andrea C Pomeroy, Canadian ornithologist

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Robert Pomery, Christian captive of Algiers’ pirates

“A list of captives redeemed east of Argiers, by His Majesties Bounty, and at His Sole Charge, in the Months of December and January 1674/5, by Sir John Narborough, Mr Brisbatie and Mr Martin His Majesties Consul at Argiers.”

(Source: London Gazette, Thursday, February 24, 1676; Issue 1072, from the Burney-Gale Archive)

Listing those men who had been captured by Barbary pirates who were subsequently  ransomed from the North African city state Algiers in 1675 including, to my astonishment, the last but one in roughly two hundred names, one Robert Pomery. I can’t hazard a guess at present who Robert is, but Pomeroys were living close to the Channel coast from Mevagissey in Cornwall, to Brixham in Devon, and on to the Dorset coast and on to Southampton. If we rely on the spelling of the surname, Pomery was the standard spelling in Cornwall but was also found in Dorset and Hampshire.

Robert Pomery, Christian captive of Algiers pirates


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