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Arscott Pomeroy (Holsworthy tree)

I am seeking information concerning Arscott Pomeroy’s lineage see below. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

John Pomeroy, Ontario, Canada- member of the Holsworthy Pomeroy family –


Arscott Pomeroy christened 6 Nov 1813 the son of John and Susan Pomeroy in Holsworthy Devon England.

Arscott married Dorcas Hender 31 Mar 1836 in Holsworthy. I have been able to find them in the 1841 census living in Stratton without children. I have not been able to find any other records for this couple in England.

Arscott Pomeroy died 16 Dec 1888 was a shoemaker and is buried in buried in Gorrie, Huron County Ontario. There are no records for either Arscott or Dorcas in the 1871 or 1881 Canadian Census. I have been unable to find any records in England or Canada for his wife’s death, there are no records for her living in Canada either.

Although not an obvious member of the Holsworthy family. What makes this interesting for me is that in his latter years he resided close to several other members of the Holsworthy family in Canada. In fact Thomas Pomeroy born 1810 Holsworthy named his son James Arscott born 1856 Stratford Ontario Canada.


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Annie Pomeroy’s Geocities website has relocated!

Annie’s website is now at:

It contains lots of details Annie has pieced together about different Pomeroy families in Cornwall, Devon and Ireland.


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Ilminster Pomeroys

Research into our family history has come to a halt.  The entry in the marriage register at Woodbury in Devon states that Sarah Lindsey of this parish and John Pomeroy of Ilminster were married on Oct  26th. 1812.  Has anyone any further information which will help me go back further?


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Tree expansion: DEVON, Exeter 1719

My thanks to PFA member Mary Daniels who recently passed me a tree she’s been working on. This made the connection for me with another Exeter sub-tree, thus expanding this tree’s numbers by about 25%.

Mary’s thesis is that the John Pomeroy who married Elizabeth Boyce on 30th May 1825 in the parish of St David had previously married Susan Caddie on 11th September 1819 in nearby Heavitree, Susan having died on 28th March 1824 in St Sidwell.

This tree is still headed by Thomas Pomeroy who married Agnes Jenkins on 18th January 1719 in Exeter cathedral.

Chris Pomery

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Andrea C Pomeroy, Canadian ornithologist

Andrea C Pomeroy is a Canadian ornithologist & wildlife ecologist. She recently completed her Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia (B.C.) with a detailed study of the migration behaviour of the western sandpiper Calidris mauri, a wading bird of the eastern Pacific.

PDF: Andrea C Pomeroy, Canadian ornithologist

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Henry E Pomeroy, British diplomat

Member Peter Bolton tells me:

“I was at a hundredth birthday of a cousin of my wife when she let slip that she had worked in the British embassy as a secretary to a man who worked forging passports and getting Jews out [of Germany] in the 1930s. I was led to investigate which embassy and found a Henry E Pomeroy who was the British Vice-Consul in Berlin  in the period 1936-8.

“He seems to have been a long-term consular representative at Berlin. He makes regular appearances in my copies of Whittaker’s Almanac, the first being in 1924 when he was pro-consul. He was promoted to vice-consul in Berlin in 1929 and was there until the outbreak of war. There is a gap in my sequence of almanacs and 1922 and 1923 are missing. In 1921 coverage of consular staff is much reduced so it is impossible to say if he was there before 1924.”

[Henry Ernest Pomeroy, 1896-1943, died in Berne in Switzerland. He is a member of the Exeter 1719 tree – Ed.]

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