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Rustom Pomeroy at Eurovision 2009

Violinist Rustom Pomeroy was heavily featured in the British entry in the 2009 Eurovision song contest in May.

You can see the performance at

His brother Feroze writes: “Rustom started his studies age 2 1/2 with the Suzuki violin teacher Mary Trewin in Taunton, Somerset. He went to the Wells Cathedral school and later had some inspirational teachers including Prof. Yfrah Neaman and Krzysztof Smietana at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Rustom was recently back in Somerset at Queen’s College,Taunton  playing with OrchestraWest (the Barber violin concerto ) and also the Beethoven violin concerto with the Somerset County Orchestra. CDs are available at

Rustom can be found on myspace under ‘Rustom Pomeroy’ and ‘Eclipse Strings’, his electric string quartet.”

Rustom & Feroze belong to the Symondsbury 1773 tree.

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Repairing the bells of Berry Pomeroy

A major appeal is underway to fund the strengthening of the church tower and the refurbishment of the eight bells of St Mary’s. Details of the work, the appeal, and how to support it, are in the PDF.

PDF: The bells of St Mary’s, Berry Pomeroy

Chris Pomery

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Henry E Pomeroy, British diplomat

Member Peter Bolton tells me:

“I was at a hundredth birthday of a cousin of my wife when she let slip that she had worked in the British embassy as a secretary to a man who worked forging passports and getting Jews out [of Germany] in the 1930s. I was led to investigate which embassy and found a Henry E Pomeroy who was the British Vice-Consul in Berlin  in the period 1936-8.

“He seems to have been a long-term consular representative at Berlin. He makes regular appearances in my copies of Whittaker’s Almanac, the first being in 1924 when he was pro-consul. He was promoted to vice-consul in Berlin in 1929 and was there until the outbreak of war. There is a gap in my sequence of almanacs and 1922 and 1923 are missing. In 1921 coverage of consular staff is much reduced so it is impossible to say if he was there before 1924.”

[Henry Ernest Pomeroy, 1896-1943, died in Berne in Switzerland. He is a member of the Exeter 1719 tree – Ed.]

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Thomas Hardy’s Pomeroy connection

US-based member James Austin found a reference in an online edition of a poem by Thomas Hardy poem called A Curate’s Kindness that intrigued him:

 “I thought they’d be strangers aroun’ me,

   But she’s to be there!

   Let me jump out o’ waggon and go back and drown me

  At Pummery or Ten-Hatches Weir.”

James notes that “Pummery was another name for Poundbury Camp Hill Fort, Dorchester, also called Pummery Tout. When said quickly Poundbury & Pummery are quite similar, so in this case could Pummery really be a version of Pomeroy?”

Poem at:

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Robert Pomery, Christian captive of Algiers’ pirates

“A list of captives redeemed east of Argiers, by His Majesties Bounty, and at His Sole Charge, in the Months of December and January 1674/5, by Sir John Narborough, Mr Brisbatie and Mr Martin His Majesties Consul at Argiers.”

(Source: London Gazette, Thursday, February 24, 1676; Issue 1072, from the Burney-Gale Archive)

Listing those men who had been captured by Barbary pirates who were subsequently  ransomed from the North African city state Algiers in 1675 including, to my astonishment, the last but one in roughly two hundred names, one Robert Pomery. I can’t hazard a guess at present who Robert is, but Pomeroys were living close to the Channel coast from Mevagissey in Cornwall, to Brixham in Devon, and on to the Dorset coast and on to Southampton. If we rely on the spelling of the surname, Pomery was the standard spelling in Cornwall but was also found in Dorset and Hampshire.

Robert Pomery, Christian captive of Algiers pirates


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