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Pomeroy profile: Scott L Pomeroy

Hi everyone,

Just once in a while I come across a story that is truly amazing, and the story of Scott Pomeroy and Mimi Pomroy Starr is one of these. Quite how often PFA members meet — there are only 200 of us worldwide after all! — I do not know, but this is one encounter I’m thankful has a happy ending.

Best wishes to everyone over the Christmas season!


Downloadable files:

Profile of Scott L Pomeroy (US Ltr)

Profile of Scott L Pomeroy (A4)

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Annie Pomeroy’s Geocities website has relocated!

Annie’s website is now at:

It contains lots of details Annie has pieced together about different Pomeroy families in Cornwall, Devon and Ireland.


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William George Darby/Derby husband of Susan Pomeroy

I am trying to find any records for my great grandfather William George DARBY born C1859 Taunton, Somerset and his family. I have not been able to locate any birth/christening records or any census record prior to 1891. Here is the information I have so far:

  1. Marriage certificate for George DERBY & Susan POMEROY – married 03 April 1889  Registers Office, Stoke Damerel, Devon. George’s age is listed as 30yrs on the marriage certificate. Fathers name is listed as Samuel DERBY. The occupation for George is listed as labourer. I’m not sure of his father Samuel’s occupation as it is hard to read but looks like Malaster. 
  2. Death certificate of Susan DARBY (nee POMEROY) – husband shown as William George DARBY occupation general labourer who was present at time of death. Living at time of death Blindwell, Millbrook, Cornwall
  3. 1901 census – George DARBY listed as born c1865 Taunton Somerset. Occupation listed as clay quarry man.
  4. 1891 census – George DERBEY listed as born c1857 Marilan Somerset (have not been able to locate a place called Marilan). Occupation listed as general laborer
  5. Children of George DARBY & Susan POMEROY were all born Millbrook,
    Cornwall  are Maud 1891, George 1897, Mabel 1898 & Samuel 1900. According to the 1911 census there was a 5th child (deceased) this could be Elizabeth born St. Germans Cornwall 1889. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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PFA Branded Clothing

The PFA Committee have agreed to explore the viability of launching a small range of PFA branded leisure wear. All members will shortly receive an email from Chris Pomery asking for an indication of order levels. Look out for this email and please reply even if you are not interested. In this way we can gauge the level of support which will dictate whether or not we proceed.

Many thanks

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Rustom Pomeroy at Eurovision 2009

Violinist Rustom Pomeroy was heavily featured in the British entry in the 2009 Eurovision song contest in May.

You can see the performance at

His brother Feroze writes: “Rustom started his studies age 2 1/2 with the Suzuki violin teacher Mary Trewin in Taunton, Somerset. He went to the Wells Cathedral school and later had some inspirational teachers including Prof. Yfrah Neaman and Krzysztof Smietana at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Rustom was recently back in Somerset at Queen’s College,Taunton  playing with OrchestraWest (the Barber violin concerto ) and also the Beethoven violin concerto with the Somerset County Orchestra. CDs are available at

Rustom can be found on myspace under ‘Rustom Pomeroy’ and ‘Eclipse Strings’, his electric string quartet.”

Rustom & Feroze belong to the Symondsbury 1773 tree.

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Ilminster Pomeroys

Research into our family history has come to a halt.  The entry in the marriage register at Woodbury in Devon states that Sarah Lindsey of this parish and John Pomeroy of Ilminster were married on Oct  26th. 1812.  Has anyone any further information which will help me go back further?


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How to post on this blog

There are only two things you need to know to post on this blog:

(1) You need to register the first time you want to post, and to log in if you want later to post or to comment on another post. (This requirement is to stop idiots with nothing better to do posting unwanted ads for all sorts of dubious products).

(2) If you read something in a post and you want to comment on it, add your comment directly to that entry. If you want to say something fresh yourself,  create your own post as a new topic. As editor I am able to edit posts & comments, and to label posts with the correct folders; the only thing the system does not let me do is shift a comment attached to one post to another post, so please always attach your comment to the post you are actually replying to!

And that’s about it. I will be feeding the blog more during the year, and by the year-end it should have a plump body of interesting items on it.

Best wishes to all,


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Online map showing our trees

I’ve uploaded a map which shows the geographical origin of the family trees we’re researching. These are colour-coded by DNA result; each of the five bright colours represents a genetic family, i.e. these trees have ben found to have the same common Pomeroy ancestor. The grey ones have unique DNA results within the project, the white ones have yet to be tested.

The map is at:

I will over time add more details to each tree.

Best to all,


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2009 subscription rates

Annual subscriptions to the PFA for 2009 are now due.

Please note that we do not send out invoices and personal reminders are very time consuming!

Due to significant exchange rate movements since our subscriptions rates were last set, we have made some changes — no increases, just reductions. Our current rates are:

Australia                    A$25
Canada                     C$20
Ireland                        €12
New Zealand            NZ$25
UK                              £10
USA                        US$15

Please make your payments to your appropriate country rep. Contact details can be found on the last page of Pomerology #40. Cheques/checks should be made out in the name of your country rep, except UK cheques which should be made payable to the Pomeroy Family Association.

I would like to pass on my thanks to those who have already promptly paid.

For members with UK bank accounts, if you currently pay by cheque but would prefer to pay by Standing Order, please let me know. My contact details are on the back page of Pomerology #40.

Happy New Year


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Tree expansion: DEVON, Exeter 1719

My thanks to PFA member Mary Daniels who recently passed me a tree she’s been working on. This made the connection for me with another Exeter sub-tree, thus expanding this tree’s numbers by about 25%.

Mary’s thesis is that the John Pomeroy who married Elizabeth Boyce on 30th May 1825 in the parish of St David had previously married Susan Caddie on 11th September 1819 in nearby Heavitree, Susan having died on 28th March 1824 in St Sidwell.

This tree is still headed by Thomas Pomeroy who married Agnes Jenkins on 18th January 1719 in Exeter cathedral.

Chris Pomery

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