How to post on this blog

There are only two things you need to know to post on this blog:

(1) You need to register the first time you want to post, and to log in if you want later to post or to comment on another post. (This requirement is to stop idiots with nothing better to do posting unwanted ads for all sorts of dubious products).

(2) If you read something in a post and you want to comment on it, add your comment directly to that entry. If you want to say something fresh yourself,  create your own post as a new topic. As editor I am able to edit posts & comments, and to label posts with the correct folders; the only thing the system does not let me do is shift a comment attached to one post to another post, so please always attach your comment to the post you are actually replying to!

And that’s about it. I will be feeding the blog more during the year, and by the year-end it should have a plump body of interesting items on it.

Best wishes to all,


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