Henry E Pomeroy, British diplomat

Member Peter Bolton tells me:

“I was at a hundredth birthday of a cousin of my wife when she let slip that she had worked in the British embassy as a secretary to a man who worked forging passports and getting Jews out [of Germany] in the 1930s. I was led to investigate which embassy and found a Henry E Pomeroy who was the British Vice-Consul in Berlin  in the period 1936-8.

“He seems to have been a long-term consular representative at Berlin. He makes regular appearances in my copies of Whittaker’s Almanac, the first being in 1924 when he was pro-consul. He was promoted to vice-consul in Berlin in 1929 and was there until the outbreak of war. There is a gap in my sequence of almanacs and 1922 and 1923 are missing. In 1921 coverage of consular staff is much reduced so it is impossible to say if he was there before 1924.”

[Henry Ernest Pomeroy, 1896-1943, died in Berne in Switzerland. He is a member of the Exeter 1719 tree – Ed.]

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  1. Pat Pomeroy

    I have been busy researching this as there is no one left in the family to ask. The Foreign Office has been very helpful and although they cannot find any evidence of ‘Uncle Harry’ helping the Jews escape, they have come up with details of his career.

    “I can confirm that, according to our Foreign Office staff lists, his career was as follows:

    He was temporarily appointed as Pro-Consul in Berlin on April 18th, 1923; the appointment was made permanent in February 1926. He was given the rank of Vice-Consul in October 1928 and was then Acting Consul every year from 1928 to 1935, before becoming Acting Consul-General, 1936-38. Mr Pomeroy returned to London and was appointed a Cipher Officer in October 1939 before being appointed as Vice-Consul at Basle in Switzerland on April 8th, 1940. Six months later, on September 1st, he was appointed Clerical Assistant at the Legation in Berne.”

    I have also been given some references to follow up at TNA.

    Pat Pomeroy [neice by marriage]

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