Opening Comments from the Administrator

This blog is our new forum for me to present our project’s findings, and for you, our researchers and family members, to describe what you’ve found, ask questions of each other, and ask questions of me. This is a genuinely interactive space and I look forward to working together with you to use its full potential.

Our old website and guestbook, hosted by Rootsweb, is no longer able to support our needs. The guestbook specifically was plagued regularly by spam posts which Rootsweb seemed unable to prevent.  Our new website, though leaner and simpler, nonetheless contains updated news about our project. To make that updating process easier, in future most of the research “news” will be detailed in the Annual Report to PFA members and a summary only will be placed on the website. This will, I hope, encourage active researchers to join the PFA, even if only for a year or two, and support the project financially. As previously, I will always respond to any family  history enquiry that I receive from anyone with an interest in the Pomeroy name, however distant or tangential that interest may be!

Chris Pomery

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